This is a list of many of L&I’s employer-oriented publications that are available in Spanish.  Most are available to order at no cost, or to download.  We noted which ones are available for download only.


  1. Independent Contractor Guide (F101-063-000) 
  2. Paid Sick Leave (F700-197-000) – for download only 
  3. Guide to Workplace Safety and Health (F416-132-000) 
  4. Consultation Services (F417-209-000) 
  5. Employer’s Guide to Workers’ Compensation Insurance (F101-002-000) 
  6. L&I Essentials for Business Webinar Schedule (F101-101-000) – download only 
  7. Wage and Hour Questions Employers Often Ask (F700-150-000) 
  8. Equal Pay and Opportunities Act Employer Guide (F700-216-000) 
  9. Employee Rights to Equal Pay and Opportunities (F700-201-909) – download only 
  10. Teens at Work: Facts for Employers, Parents and Teens (F700-022-000) 
  11. If Family Members Work for You (F101-077-909) – download only 
  12. Independent Contractor or Covered Worker (F212-250-000) – download only 
  13. Return to Work Toolkit – An Employer’s Guide to Return to Work (F243-282-000) 
  14. Stay at Work Program (F243-006-000) 
  15. Construction Contractors: Steps for Success (F625-115-000) 
  16. Agricultural Worker Overtime (F700-215-000) – download only 
  17. Required L&I Posters
    1. Notice to Employees – If a Job Injury Occurs (F242-191-909)
    2. Job Safety and Health Law (F416-081-909) 
    3. Your Rights as a Worker (F700-074-000)

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